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KLP Impact was founded in 2022 by Kris Leja and Lupe Poblano. Kris and Lupe are long time friends that met in 2011 while working for a Bay Area housing organization and holding senior level leadership positions. They created KLP Impact to help leaders, organizations, and movements to integrate their politics with their practices, in both practical and radical ways. 

We are front-line executive leaders…. with 40 years of experience in senior-level leadership positions spanning fundraising, communications, operations, change management, and executive leadership.  

We are strategists…. who hold complexity at the intersection of organizational systems: transitions, change management, program design, growth, board governance, business development, and systems change.  

We are coaches…. who value relationships and work one-on-one with individuals who are invested in doing their own inner work as it intersects with organizational change, balancing personal agency with power building.  

We are facilitators… who design spaces for people to build with one another, strategize collectively, and determine a way forward.

This photo was taken by Marlene Sanchez, Executive Director at Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, following the facilitation of their Board Retreat.

Co-Founders Kris and Lupe, arms crossed, leaning against a wall with a mural

Meet Some of Our Clients

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