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We take a liberatory and holistic approach to governance, leadership structures, sustainability/business models, organization practices & policies, culture shifts, and individual learning edges. We believe in the value of helping organizations and leaders move forward in practical ways while achieving radical goals.


When working with leaders and organizations, we consider these four areas: individual, interpersonal, organizational, and systemic. We support you when confronting a new direction, launching a strategic plan, thinking through a challenge, or in one-on-one and group coaching. 


Inner work regarding internalized oppression and superiority, and learning edges. 


A focus on relationships, feedback, supervision, and normalizing conflict. 


A focus on culture, systems, structures, and policies.


A focus on resource mobilization, sustainable business models, locating within the Social Change Ecosystem


Intersectionality is a critical part of our work — recognizing the intertwined nature of race, gender, language, socioeconomics, sexual identity, ability, religion, and other dimensions of difference and oppression. At the same time, race is a primary lever for U.S. communities, so in our approach, we will often start with race while we understand it intersects with multiple dimensions of power and systems of oppression.

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