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We provide coaching and consulting services that are deeply rooted in liberatory practices, aimed at supporting BIPOC leaders and communities.
Each engagement is customized to fit your unique goals and needs, while providing practical tools rooted in radical politics.

Shared Leadership Structures

We specialize in shifting to and supporting co-leadership structures at the executive level and beyond and defining what shared leadership means for your organization.

Change Management

Change is hard. Transitions are complex. We help organizational change agents feel supported by providing practical tools to help them navigate a change, while locating the impacts of a transition both individually and collectively on the team and the organization.

Sustainable Business Models

Balancing internal and external pressures, choice points and trade offs to create an economic engine that can support the type of organization you want that aligns with your political practice.

Holistic Approach to Governance

We help to define the processes, structures, traditions and rules that govern decision-making; power with, not power over; and help to set up authentic relationships between boards and teams so that the full organization can live into their values.

Organization Practices + Policies

How information is transparently shared and metabolized. Spaces for organizational learning and reflection. The benefits and burdens of existing and future organizational policies-continuously evaluating and defining 'who' is benefiting and 'who' is burdened.

Individual Coaching

A space to explore how your values, needs, gifts, and traumas show up in the choices you have to make on a daily basis. While also understanding how the circumstances around you are impacting your values, needs, gifts and traumas.

Supervision Training

Many of us have been conditioned to think that supervision means having power over others instead of building power with others. This training is designed to support, champion, and invest in the individual leadership of managers as they hold power in the structure of organizational supervision.

Culture Shifts

Helping leaders identify the cultural habits and norms that are reflective of your organizational politics and values and also naming and identifying the ones that need to shift and evolve because they are no longer values aligned.

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