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Lupe Poblano, he/him

Co-Founder + Principal

Lupe Poblano, CPC, MSOD, is a certified professional coach. He is the former Co-Executive Director at CompassPoint and utilizes coaching, training, and consulting to help emerging and experienced leaders achieve race, class, and gender equity in social justice movements. Lupe has worked in the nonprofit sector for almost 20 years, and his work as a coach and consultant is deeply rooted in his experience as a young Chicanx positional leader within larger mainstream organizations, as well as the experience of holding the significant risk, responsibility, and overall accountability for an organization as its executive leader.

As CompassPoint's first ever Co-Executive Director, Lupe played a significant role in two major organizational transitions: the shift to a shared leadership structure as a worker-directed nonprofit and the move to becoming an explicitly Pro-Black organization politically and programmatically. As part of executive leadership at CompassPoint, Lupe was responsible for actively and continuously encouraging people to step more fully into their leadership, building an aligned vision,  developing a culture of mutual support and shared accountability, tending  to the overall sustainability of the organization (human and financial) and offering broad guidance and direction that weaves together the whole.

Furthermore, his leadership development work has included core faculty roles in Blue Shield of California Foundation’s Network Weaver’s Learning Lab, the Next Generation Leaders of Color Program, and the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s Emerging Leaders Cohorts. By centering his analysis on race, class, gender, and privilege, Lupe has helped leaders find alignment between their personal, organizational, and community values.

The proud son of Mexican immigrants, Lupe was born and raised in the Bay Area and currently lives in the East Bay with his two young daughters and partner. He received his BA in Sociology from UC Berkeley and a MS in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco School of Management.

Lupe Poblano, he/him
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